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WELCOME TO Nakamura Clinic

Nakamura Clinic is specialized in medecal examination of SLEEP APNEA SYNDROME. The symptoms of this illness is breathing stoppage during sleep,snoring,constant sleepiness and insomnia.

The clinic is equipped with monitoring equipments which records your sleeping habits such as snoring, breathing, etc during your sleep. Once diagnosis is determined to be sleep apnea, then various treatment consisting of medications, therapy, and breathing apparatus will be appropriately prescribed depending on the problem.

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Outpatient clinic hours is as shown above but reception starts 30 minutes prior to the time indicated. The clinic is closed on all Japanese Holidays and New Year Vacation between December 31 thru January 3.

Nakamura Clinic

Director: Hiroshi Nakamura

Address:4-2-1 Iso,Urasoe City, Okinawa, 901-2132

Sleep Respiratory Center