*Note: Unfortunately, many of our specialist staff at clinic is not capable of speaking English fluently. Therefore, during the sleep test, please respond to our sraff’s question as simple as possible with words such as “YES, NO, OK, I CAN’T”, and very short phrases. Your patience will be appreciated.

  1. You are asked to visit the office on the day of the sleep test between 2pm and 5pm for initial conference.
  2. The actual sleep test starts at 8pm. Since meals are not served here, you may go to your home or nearby restaurant for dinner and return at 8pm.
  3. We recommend you to bring your most comfortable sleepwear(pajama,t-shirt and shorts etc). You may also bring your pillow if you feel that Japanese pillow provided at the clinic may not be comfortable.
  4. Monitor wirings will be attached to various parts of your body. You may want to bring something to read for a while if you cannot sleep right a way. If you still have problem getting to sleep, we have sleeping pills which do not affect the sleep test. Please let the staff know if you feel that you need to take the pills.
  5. The test will finish around 6 am. You may leave the clinic after removal of the wiring(the removal takes approximately 10 minutes).Please let us know if you would like to take a shower.
  6. The results will be ready in approximately 10 days. Before leaving the clinic, please confirm your next appointment to see the doctor to discuss the test result.
  7. Please feel free to ask any questions.